Glass Water Bottle

$41.75 USD

Stay hydrated in style with this sleek water bottle. Its durable design ensures a reliable, long-term use, making it the perfect companion for your daily life.


1. Tea water separation design, you can use the tea warehouse to make tea
2. Sealed and leak-proof design, no water leakage when inverted and shaken
3. High borosilicate glass, durable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, can withstand a temperature difference of -20 degrees -100 degrees
4. Double glass design, heat insulation and anti-scalding
5. Stainless steel tea strainer, easily block tea dregs
6. Easily disassembled and cleaned in all directions without dead ends
7. Portable rope, easy to lift


Product Category: Tea Cup
Style: New Chinese
Function: heat preservation
Structure: Tea water separation
Shape: cylindrical
Cup accessories: with rope
Color: green 400ml, pink 400ml, yellow 400ml, white 400ml, gray 400ml, pink 450ml, white 450ml, yellow 450ml, gray 450ml, black-450ml, black 400ml, blue 400ml, blue 450ml, green 450ml
Capacity: 400-450ML
Material: high borosilicate

Package Content :
Glass teacup *1


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